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Teal Sport - Quick Swap Battery

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More power for all your flips, tricks, and races.

Quick Swap sliding design keeps you in the sky instead of messing around with cable connectors and battery straps. George, our CEO loves to takes a bunch of these with him every time he goes flying.


Custom plastic enclosure protects from bumps and bruises  ...and railslides. We asked Chad Nowak to attempt one during testing, it only took him five tries.

Average flight time is 3-4 minutes. Pay attention to audio warnings from your transmitter to prevent over-discharge, which will ruin the battery.

Made in partnership with Thunder Power R/C.

What's in the Box:

Quick Swap Teal Battery–Thunder Power Lithium Polymer 1300mAh 70C.


Currently shipping to U.S. only. Orders placed on weekends and holidays will be fulfilled the following business day or two.


Never over-discharge your battery or damage will occur. Heed all audio warnings from your transmitter radio. Teal Sport will begin to beep if battery is getting low. Land immediately to prevent over-discharge.